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Libra 2021

It is often the way that professionals don’t use their skills for themselves. Think plumbers with leaky taps, or builders with houses much in need of renovation. I have discovered that astrologers are not immune to this phenomenon either. My suggestion that we could use our own charts as a source of inspiration for building a website or for writing a social media profile often meets with a “I never thought of that”!

beauty Libra

Venus time

Libra time is Venus time, a season that surrounds us with natural beauty, which we can enjoy if we can get off our posteriors and venture outside. For me, beauty has a lot to do with colours. And so it was that I offered to be a sounding board (another Libra principle) for my good friend Jenn, as I love playing with colour. She bravely accepted my offer of helping her to update her house. I say bravely because she, like most people, is much less adventurous with colour than I am! In her house anyway. I’ve seen her in some pretty colourful attire!


Great colours! Image by leolo212 at Pixabay

Astrological Feng Shui

I must admit it took me a while to think of using one of our own astrological techniques. As I am not an interior designer, I thought I should offer Jenn something I do know about, and that is what is known as Local Space in astrology. We can use it as a source of inspiration for creating the beauty we seek in our local spaces, such as our homes, offices or gardens. The last time I used it for myself was many years ago when looking for a house in Amsterdam.

Astrological Local Space

The expert on this system is Steve Cozzi who wrote the book Planets in Locality in 1988. Below I give some links with more detail for astrologers. Essentially, the way to think about a local space chart, also known as a local horizon chart, is to imagine you are standing in the middle of your horoscope. If you were born in the northern hemisphere, the MC, known as the mid heaven, is due south, so you orientate yourself to face south. You then imagine the planets dropping to the horizon, or being raised to the horizon if they are under it, and you will have the points where the planets land all around you. So planets that are north of you will be behind you.

You then obtain a chart showing the compass points of each planet.

local space astrology

An example of a local horizon chart. The dotted lines also form part of each planetary line. They go in both directions.

These directions act as a kind of internal compass. When you follow a particular direction you will activate a certain planetary energy. In this example the Saturn line runs from SE to NW. So if you travel either way in these directions, to work say, you may meet Saturn, for example in the form of delays. So taking a different route to work might be a good idea.


A typical delay on NZ roads

Finding my house

However, although this technique can be used for many things, I have used it in the past for house hunting and as a source of inspiration in my own home. If you are house hunting then the idea is that you place the middle of this chart in the middle of the city, town or country you are interested in. I think it works better at town or city level, rather than globally. The easiest way to do this is to print the chart on an old-fashioned overhead transparent sheet – remember overhead projectors? Then place this on a map, aligning the north point, and with the centre of the transparency at the centre of the city – in my case Dam Square in Amsterdam. You can draw lines on the map to show where each planetary line runs. Most of the houses I liked best were on my Moon line. This makes sense as the Moon represents where we feel nurtured and indeed, at home. So if I am working with clients, I choose the Moon line for house hunting.

Moon astrology

Moon above my roof

At homeΒ 

To use this technique at home for inspiration, you need to try to find the centre of your house, which can be a bit of a challenge if you have a weirdly shaped house. You can then place the centre of the transparent chart at that point of your house plan drawn to scale, aligning north to physical north, and draw the planetary lines on this plan.

My own example

As an example, my Moon (in Taurus) line runs through my two balconies at the back and the front of the house, both of which have lots of plants, which is in line with the theme of Taurus and nature. The rest of my lines weren’t much help as they seem to run mostly through toilets, stairs and storage rooms! However, I do have photos I took hanging on the walls of the stairwell. In line with Ceres, who runs through the stairs ;-), they are of trees and mountains. Perhaps I should take some pictures of some wheat fields to put there!

Solving problems

This technique is also useful if you have problems. If your computer is on a Uranus line and is acting strangely, you might want to move it. But theoretically it should be more at home there than on a Neptune line. The idea is to have items in your house placed in appropriate places in accordance with the planetary archetypes. This is not always possible, but you can mitigate any issues by giving the space what it wants. For example if your computer has to be on a Neptune line then you could perhaps appease the energy by putting an image of the sea above it! It’s a way of bringing consciousness to a problem area.


A beach near me

What colour should Jenn’s bedroom be?

Colour is a very personal thing, so I think the way to use this technique is as a brainstorming device. Because Jenn has the themes of Mars and the Sun going through her office and bedroom, warm colours might be good in both these rooms as both of these planets are associated with fire. We have started with her sitting room, which has Moon, Venus, Ceres and Cancer vibes. To me this says natural blues and greens, wood, and silver. The feel to achieve is a safe, beautiful, calm nest. Perhaps with plants and a woven basket for wood for the hearth. Art and furnishings could reflect family (Cancer) or anything emotionally important. Or again the themes of water and nature. The Venus line could suggest mirrors, and also reflections in water or mirror-images of items. What also fits is portrayals of two things or people, such as photos showing relationships.

couples astrology

Two seeds

It seems to work!

So far, Jenn has said she loves the idea of the look and feel, and sea-green is one of her favourite colours! Here’s what else she said: “Thanks so much for our chat – it was quite an inspiration. I’ve been putting off decorating my home for years as I had no idea where and how to start – and now I have and love the colours and ideas you have suggested and can’t wait to get started.”

Your environment should nourish you

It is very important for your health to live in an environment that you love. One that nurtures your soul. We can’t always get outside to be in nature’s colours, but most of us don’t have to put up with environments that don’t comfort us. At least in terms of a pot of paint. Taking the time to create our own idea of beauty around us is a very creative process. It is also a very rewarding and healing activity to give our environment some attention, as often we just ignore it or take it for granted.


Image M. Maggs on Pixabay

Libra problem?

So if you are having that Libra indecisiveness about what you would enjoy in your home, maybe astrology can help! Jenn and I await the next step, but so far I am really enjoying it. I hope Jenn is too.

Faye Blake

If not specified all my photos.Β 

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Quotes of the month

“With colour one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.” Henri Matisse

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” Wassily Kandinsky

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