Aquarius overdose

Aquarius 2021

For a few days this month there were six planets and an asteroid (Pallas Athena) in Aquarius. Of course, being a member of this ‘chosen’ sign I would suggest you can’t have too much of a good thing! But joking aside, this is an awful lot of energy in one sign. And this emphasis will stay for some time, although there will be fewer planets there.


Aquarius is often referred to as a quirky sign

Aquarius – an air sign

The weather here in Amsterdam has perhaps been very fitting! These days it’s unusual when snow stays around for so long. Aquarius is sometimes called mentally aloof and somewhat cold, and the air was definitely chilly! Aquarius likes to be different and interesting, and the weather was certainly that.

Aquarius and the sky

One god that has links to Aquarius is Oeranos, the sky god. I think creatures of the air belong to this sign. If you follow me on FB you’ll know I am a bit bird-obsessed. I feed them on my balcony and lately I have been feeding them on my walks too. This month, my photos below show my appreciation for these beautiful, diverse and somewhat aloof (in my experience – they could show a bit more appreciation!)Β  creatures. I’m amazed at how many different species there are within walking (and sometimes even sitting) distance in the centre of a city.

birds astrology

Before the snow – near where I live.

Aquarius – a mental sign

Aquarius is said to be summed up in the phrase ‘to know’. As with all the signs, this has a spectrum of meanings. This thinking and knowing side covers genius, mental illness, know-it-all, fixed opinions, unique opinions, brilliant ideas and a kind of mental stubbornness that makes it difficult to change an Aquarian mind. It searches for the perfect system and finds safety in knowledge. Aquarius hates to be wrong.

If this goes too far, it can create the geeky genius who has no emotional attachment to anything or anyone. This can lead to independent thought, as the benefit of this is not caring what anyone thinks. But it can be very isolating.

Birds aquarius

At the local park

Aquarius – a social sign

Most astrologers agree that the internet is an Aquarian phenomenon, as it is a technical and social sign. The Corona crisis has meant that many people have had to tackle technology, but it has also made many people feel very isolated. With so much in Aquarius, we are getting restless and rebellious, (also Aquarius) and hungry for the more sensual experiences. There is a longing for the touch, hugs and smells of real people! And a hunger to be in nature. (Not Aquarius!) But mostly we don’t want to be told what to do! The Netherlands went ice-skating mad, so forget trying to enforce social distancing! But like many of the skaters, the world is out of balance. I wrote about that last time in my Capricorn 2021 post, when talking of the meeting of Uranus (associated with Aquarius) in Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius in 2021.

Sharing is caring?

With so much Aquarius energy, what we really want to do is to share our opinions β€” this is the social side. And it feels good when others are on the same wavelength. Aquarius, and the associated 11th house in astrology, often includes ‘groups’ and ‘brotherhood of man’ types of phrases in its description. As an Aquarian I don’t relate to either of these. For me it’s about connecting with like-minded and interesting circles of people.


Crows – probably arguing about who is right!

There is a kind of safety there but ‘it’s complicated’! Oscar Wilde (or Groucho Marx, depending on which websites you read) made a very Aquarian statement when he said: I won’t belong to a club that accepts me as a member’. The dilemma is how to have different ideas and be unique. How to believe in equality but be special. But not become one of a group, even though that offers a kind of mental haven where we are understood. Aquarians long for that.

The longing to be understood

But what happens if we don’t know, or we don’t understand or we are not understood? This is when it can get weird. Many are drawn to people who have strong opinions, as they have an air of certainty. Mental confidence can be very attractive to people who are unsure about what is true, and therefore about what to think.

I think QAnon is a case in point. See links below if you don’t know about QAnon. They have millions of followers world-wide. By having somewhat strange beliefs (Hillary Clinton, Pizzagate and pedophile rings for starters) this makes it a very ‘special and different’ group. Being a member makes you special, because QAnon members are sure they know what is REALLY going on in the world. There is a need to be an insider and be different. To go against those in power. This is why I think QAnon was so attractive to many different types of people. And why it continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

birds aquarius

Aquarian feet?

How is it not to know?

In a post-truth world, it is scary not to know what is going on. What is true? Many seek security under the guise of belief systems. It is good to belong and QAnon attracted several different groups of followers. When we don’t trust what we are being told, for whatever reason, conspiracy theories become rife. When these theories are thrown at us on a daily basis, some of them stick. Trump is a case in point. A lot of QAnon followers were (and some still are) Trump supporters. He’s a disruptor, and many people would like to be disruptors, upsetting the status quo. They probably see Trump as someone who dares to do this. God knows, some of the status quo could use a bit of disruption. But perhaps not this way or so violently.

The aftermath

The impeachment trial of Trump took place with all these planets in Aquarius. It was the perfect time, as the aim was to get to the facts, and to show the truth of what really happened on January 6th with the storming of the Capitol Building. It was also a very technical show, with a lot of social media film clips and tweets. All very Aquarian.

Although the trial was trying to engage people emotionally, (with the tears and horrific images I think that should have worked!) the focus was very Aquarian. This seems fitting for Trump, because although he is another air sign β€” he’s a Gemini β€” he is a very Uranian figure. I wrote about him in a 2016 post. When someone tells so many lies, we want to call them out with the truth! But of course Trump is immune to this β€” he doesn’t care.

trump uranus

Sorry – couldn’t resist. Plenty of (thankfully hatless) pigeons on my balcony.

Moon in Aquarius

The chart that many of us use for the US has the Moon in Aquarius. The Moon in a country chart represents the people. So the populace want the truth. In some polls there was very slight majority support for Trump being convicted in the impeachment trial. However, Trump still has a large base, including some QAnon people. Even though many of them now see that the promises that Trump made of saving them and America have not come to pass, it would be perhaps too scary to admit they have been wrong. The truth is that Biden is now the president, which is not what they believed would happen. It is sad that QAnon has caused a lot of harm to relationships and left many feeling lost and abandoned. This is the dark side of Aquarius. A side that really doesn’t care and will do anything to be right.

The impeachment trial

The Democrat team laid out a very structured timeline of exactly what happened. Although I knew quite a lot of it, there was new footage, and when you see it all together it is quite shocking. I must admit to having found it riveting viewing though. Traditionally, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. The aim to hold Trump to account is very clear here. But the Uranian side of Aquarius wants the truth to be seen, even though he wasn’t convicted. And Uranus looks to the future. Many feel that Trump should never be allowed to hold public office again. And that the ‘system’ should never allow this to happen again.

blackbird Aquarius


Aquarius – the sign of the future

Many astrologers associate astrology with Aquarius and Uranus. Astrology has a reputation for looking at the future and predicting outcomes, which I think is a pity, as it has much better things on offer. In these days of uncertainty, it is not surprising that many people, especially younger generations, are seeking out astrologers to gain what I sometimes call ‘future control’. It isn’t possible!

And nowadays, also because of online capabilities, there is a big rise in people wanting to learn astrology. I have never seen so many webinars, at all levels, about astrology. It’s encouraging on one level, as we need more younger astrologers, but saying we can offer definite predictions is dangerous I think. As an Aquarian profession, we astrologers must guard against being put in the ‘knowing it all’ category, as good as that may feel.

Science as ‘know it all’

And while I am on that theme, I have to have a rant (it’s my birthday month and I’ll rant if I want to!) about Science with a capital S. If you listen to politicians you would think that scientists are always right, always know the Truth with a capital T, and we should do what they say! Just this month Facebook has decided to ban all vaccine ‘misinformation’. Whatever you believe about vaccines I don’t think Facebook should decide, even if they are listening to ‘the Science’! Many posts that have simply questioned approaches have been banned. But many real scientists have legitimate questions and opinions on Corona, vaccines and many other matters.

wood pigeon

One from 2017

Get back in our boxes

It seems we are not allowed to question anything that might ‘disrupt’ the political (or pharmaceutical) message. Many cling to science as a safe truth-giver, but the ‘Science god’ is not always right. Don’t get me wrong, scientific achievements are fantastic, including vaccine development. But I refuse to be put in a box as an anti-vaxxer, if I have questions relating to political strategies. Where are the other non-traditional science voices on social media? Where are the solutions for the fact that we are a very unhealthy lot?

woodpecker astrology

Haven’t seen Woody since 2016.

The Netherlands is being brave enough to give priority vaccines based on obesity. It’s a pragmatic approach targeting those who are the most at risk from Corona, and I welcome it. But what are we doing about the obesity epidemic and poor-quality food? To name just one issue. It’s time that Science got back in its box! There are many intelligent people who have done their own investigations and have questions.

Scientists and medical doctors should no longer be white-coated gods, in league with people in power. Science is both Saturnian (the more materialist views) and Uranian (the innovative views). The Saturnians need to let us have our own responsibility as well as take responsibility themselves. The Uranians need to keep being brilliant innovators but be aware of how innovations can be used, which is not always positive. Again, it’s a balancing act. End of rant.

bird aquarius

Down the road by the Amstel river

Technology rules ok?

At the moment I am reading quite a scary book, and not in a ‘good scary’ way! It’s called ‘The struggle for a human future’ by Jeremy Naydler. It’s about our entering a new era of ‘extreme technology’. Naydler sees this as a challenge to both humans and nature. Soon we will not be able to escape the web of frequencies that will surround the earth. This is not only on the ground but also from space.

Because we all seem to want instant access to films, other people, and information, networks are being developed that will be harmful to all of nature. Especially for insects, who, because of their size, are even more sensitive to radiation than we are. Too much clever Uranian, Aquarian energy can be cold and uncaring, and Science is deciding what happens to our planet. This can’t be right.

We know already that bees are in trouble. Mostly our fault it would seem. But don’t worry – science has a solution – robotic bees!

Rant number 2

Have we gone completely mad?? Even before Corona, I often seemed to be one of the very few people looking out the window on a train or tram, rather than at a phone. And now this! We are getting so far out of balance by being out of touch with nature and what is around us, that it is getting dangerous. Nature has solutions to problems that we can’t ever emulate, much as we try. By why do we need to? Let’s give nature a chance and let’s let ‘Science’ be challenged so we can have a truly informed democracy.

Faye Blake


One from 2015. Hoping for more of this – this tree is just coming into bud!

Interesting websites

Two reports on QAnon and the presidency

One from BBC

One from CNN

An interesting article from National Geographic Why people latch on to conspiracy theories according to science

And from wired QAnon Supporters Aren’t Quite Who You Think They Are

And an example of the type of thing you don’t often come across in the media from Jonathon Cook Why politicians and doctors keep ignoring the medical research on Vitamin D and Covid

Quote of the month

On the Age of Aquarius, which has been bandied about willy-nilly lately.

“It is apparent that there is no consensus on the criteria to be used in determining the beginning of the Age, and even when there is, there is still rarely any agreement on date.” Dr Nicholas Campion, Correlation 19 (1)Β  2000.Β 

In this article, Campion gives a long list of suggested start dates quoted in literature. They range from the year 1457 until the year 3550. And the list does not include 2020!

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  1. Thank you for this Faye. I also thought the extreme cold weather (I live I London) was related to the Aquarian stellium. My partner was born in February 1962, from my knowledge the last time so many planets were in Aquarius (including Jupiter and Saturn) and it was snowy then, too.

    My understanding of the Age of Aquarius is that it’s related to the Precession of the equinoxes, and there could be a 200 year transition period from Pisces to Aquarius. But I am slightly at a loss as to whether we are in that transition period, whether we have completed it or what!

    Enjoying your photos, too πŸ™‚

  2. Post

    Thanks Sophie. Yes that’s right about precession but no agreement as to where sign boundaries are hence the huge range of dates that Nick Campion gives.

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