Rupert Murdoch has a thing for women age 66!

August 2023

This headline about Rupert Murdoch having a thing about women age 66 made me smile. When there are ages such as 36, 42, 48, 54, 60 and 66 my mind always turns to astrology (when doesn’t it?) and in particular, in this case, to the Huber Age point technique. Every six years we enter a new life phase, and 66 is the start of the Pisces phase, which lasts until we have a rebirth into the Aries phase age 72.

Murdoch 92 Pisces

Photo Guardian – Victoria Jones/PA

Rupert is a Pisces

Perhaps underneath all that tough Plutonic power, Rupert has a sweet talking romantic heart?? A Pisces Sun next to Mercury might suggest that. And he has Moon in entrepreneurial Sagittarius but in the Pisces region of his chart. An intuitive reader of people which he uses to advantage.

But indeed – what’s in it for the women?

The article asks this question- what’s in it for the women? But it doesn’t really find an answer as the women have not exactly been struggling with poverty or living on the streets! Perhaps when we hit the Pisces phase at age 66, we can recognise and idealise? the creativity and romanticism of people with a lot of Piscean energy. I can’t say I ever fancied Murdoch when I was 66 but who knows? But at least Murdoch is not going for 18 year olds!

Murdoch is 92

Murdoch himself is revisiting the Cancerian phase. Perhaps he really does want to settle down with a family:) Interestingly he repeated that Sun Mercury conjunction, which first happened in this technique aged 18-19,  in 2021-22. This makes him even more Piscean! He is now 20 again! I wonder what he was doing then when he was at Oxford University? A year later his father died and he took over running a small Adelaide newspaper. That’s where it all started. The Cancer phase the second time around is often about passing down a legacy. But will he? Or will he let his kids tear each other apart even further after he is gone? We’ll see eventually, even though he thinks he’s immortal. His mother died aged 103!

Faye Blake


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