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Virgo 2023

Back in 2017, I wrote a post about the then upcoming NZ elections. At that time Jacindamania had taken hold, as Jacinda Ardern had just been elected as leader of the Labour Party. She was up against Bill English of the National Party who had been in power for 9 years. I was excited with this new turn of events, and Jacinda did well, especially on the global stage. She fared even better in the 2020 elections. But meanwhile, how things have changed. New Zealand under Ardern had one of the strictest Covid policies in the world. Now, she has left NZ politics to take up a dual fellowship at Harvard University, one of which will involve studying ways to improve standards and accountability to combat extremist content posted online. I’m sure her strict approach will fit in well there!

vote NZ elections

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So who now?

The current Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, took over in January this year, after Ardern resigned, saying she had ‘nothing left in the tank’. So it will be Hipkins’ first time of facing an election as leader of the Labour Party. On October 14th, 2023, he is up against Christopher Luxon, who has been leader of the National Party since 2021. There are smaller parties in the mix too, but these two are the main ones, with the Greens and the ACT party next in the polls. ACT is described as a right-wing, classical-liberal political party.

One of these will likely be needed for a coalition.

The NZ First party, which was a kingmaker for Jacinda’s first term, is also back in the ring too, after being absent for a parliamentary term. Whether they will reach the 5% necessary in the polls to take part in government remains to be seen.

At the time of writing Labour are on a downward trend and National are heading the polls. So who fits the bill, astrologically speaking, with what New Zealand wants in a leader?

NZ leader prime minister

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One I made earlier

Here’s what I said when last describing NZ leadership:

What does NZ want?

Although New Zealand already had a constitution and was self-governing, the country became a dominion on September 26th, 1907. This meant it was no longer a colony of Britain, although there were still links. See the 2017 post for some history. Our passports said ‘British subject’ as well as NZ citizen until January 1978. The horoscope:

New Zealand a dominion

NZ Dominion horoscope – I like the midnight chart as I think the legal status starts at that time. However others use the declaration time.

I touched on this chart in another post from 2012 and when I wrote about the NZ flag proposal in 2010. The change of flag didn’t go through eventually – perhaps they should have taken my advice! In this post I focus on leadership. NZ is very strongly Libran – a beautiful country and one that should value balance, justice, and fairness. It is fitting for parliament to have equal numbers of men and women and for ethnic groups to be represented.

Discussion and debate are important, so any leader should be good at these things, as well as being seen as someone who is diplomatic. One who can focus on partnership on the global stage and perhaps act as a mediator. The other archetypes that fit Kiwi leadership are Saturn, someone who can manage and take responsibility. Someone with authority. Then we need Uranus – someone innovative, bright and different, and Pluto – someone who can take control when required and has a passion for their work. A person who dares to analyse and tackle what is really going on. A powerful people-leader.

My reasoning

Just to emphasise why I am looking at this, I think that, as individuals do, countries also attract certain people to them. It seems to me that people should ‘fit’ with the leadership profile I see in a chart for either a company or a country. If they don’t, then it is more difficult for a particular leader to build a relationship with the country. I think Liz Truss, who was for a very brief time the Prime Minister of the UK, was a good example of this. In my UK Tories go head to head post of 2012, I suggested Rishi Sunak was a better fit to be leader of the Tories, but I was undecided about PM. I thought both of them had issues there. Anyway, back to NZ.

nz pm

Chris Hipkins. Image from Flickr by New Zealand Tertiary Education Union

This year’s potential candidates

The birthday boy, Chris Hipkins, is a Virgo. I think he looks younger than he is! In fact he has just hit what I consider (using the Huber Age point method) full mid-life crisis! He has just turned 45. Perhaps difficult big changes are in the air for him. He fits the leader profile in several ways: he has the Sun conjunct Saturn, perfect for his strict Corona policies as Minister for Covid response. He also has several planets in Libra, including Venus, Mars and Pluto, and most likely the Moon. Although, I would need a birth time to check that. So his values and approach are Libran, but with Pluto in the mix, perhaps a touch of control is present! Although this also fits the profile for NZ leadership, I think that trying to balance all that Libra with Pluto might be a bit confusing in the way he comes across.

chris hipkins NZ PM

Horoscope for Chris Hipkins, birthtime unknown

Virgo as boss?

I’m afraid I’ve never been a great fan of Virgo as a leader of a country unless other archetypes are strongly featured. As an MP, sure, as at the heart of Virgo is a need to serve and be helpful, and to provide information. Chippy, as Hipkins is known, also has this helpfulness emphasised by his Virgo Sun picking up Neptune, which also shows a vocation of emotional service. This is wonderful for any public servant, but could be a bit chaotic as a leader. As an individual, I’m sure he is a compassionate ‘getting things done’, listening kind of guy. But I think you need a bit more fire than he has, to lead. Jacinda was a fiery Leo! However, that said, he fits the profile quite well, also having a touch of Uranian innovation. And he is, after all, the current Prime Minister, however the cosmos may have put him there!

leader national Party nz

Christopher Luxon, photo

His opponent

Christopher Luxon, leader of the National Party, is a very different character, his former job being CEO of Air New Zealand between 2012 and 2019. According to Wiki, the boy from my hometown ‘did good’, becoming a millionaire while in Canada as CEO of Unilever, prior to taking up the job at Air New Zealand. He is now a multimillionaire.

So he has experience as a leader. But what about his astrological vital statistics? He’s a Cancer, so this is also not a sun sign emphasised in the leadership profile. Although he does have a fiery Mars in Leo right next to his sun, so he’s a pioneer and a fighter, and he is good at taking the lead. As a Cancer, he probably has a good ‘gut feel’ for situations, and will want to look after his ‘clan’. Whatever that is for him. Like Hipkins, he too has Neptune combined with his Sun, so he too could be very intuitive and able to offer emotional support, or be chaotic.

Christopher luxon NZ elections

Horoscope for Christopher Luxon – birth time unknown

Saturn gone AWOL

He does not, however, have the Saturn archetype strongly present, and the Libra archetype is only present in his beliefs – i.e. he believes in balance, harmony, and working together. But as a leader? Not so much. So in the ‘getting things done’ and the ‘cooperating with others’ areas he is sadly lacking in terms of meeting the leadership profile.

His horoscope shows an entrepreneur, with an ability to speak in public and to encourage growth, which have clearly stood him in good stead. But is this what Kiwis want or need? Of course, his true birth time might reveal some extra characteristics. He is an innovative thinker, but he doesn’t really fit where it matters most. It will be interesting to see what happens, as he is a great encourager! He can run a strong campaign. The danger here being that he might win, but will the people love what they get?

disappointing result elections NZ

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Greens and ACT

The Greens have two co-leaders. Marama Davidson is a Capricorn with heavy Saturn, so she fits the Saturn part well. James Shaw, as a Taurus with a Libra flair, is also not a bad match, as Kiwis feel at home with Taurean energy, since the country has a Taurus Moon.

The leader of ACT is David Seymour. He has a few things in common with Luxon. So that’s why these two are probably happy to join forces in a coalition. He too is a Cancer with Mars, (this time in Gemini), next to his Sun. So they both are happy to have a heated debate! Seymour is much more likely to compromise though.

Voting day

As well as it being Libra time of year, the Moon is also in Libra on voting day. The Moon shows the mood of the people, so that emphasises the need to have a fair and balanced approach to government. The Moon close to Mercury suggests to me that people want to have their say. The voting figures will be interesting. The people also want change, but with both Mars and Ceres in Scorpio, they might also want revenge for any issues they have found to be undemocratic.

I will follow the results with interest! Good luck voting, Kiwis – I know lots of things there need to be improved, so I hope you get a government that can do that!

Faye Blake

Interesting websites

On Hipkins

An article from the Guardian which sums up Hipkins well. My favourite quote from here, which I heard about when I was in NZ earlier this year, was:

During the Covid response, he became a meme after a televised national announcement in which he recommended New Zealanders go outside and “spread your legs”. The minister leaned into the gaffe, embracing the catchphrase “spread your legs, not the virus” as a pandemic health message.

On Luxon

The Conversation’s view of Luxon, as the new kid on the political block.

Quote of the month

“An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.” George Eliot.

and on a more serious note:

“Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.” Simon Sinek

For astrologers

NZ became a dominion: 26 September 1907, Wellington, NZ. I like the midnight chart.

Voting day closing time for most booths: 14 October 2023, 19:00, Wellington, NZ.

The people all have unknown birthtimes – if anyone has any of them, please let me know.

Chris Hipkins: 5 September 1978, Lower Hutt, NZ.

Christopher Luxon: 19 July 1970, Christchurch, NZ.

David Seymour: 24 June 1983, Palmerston North, NZ.

Marama Davidson: 29 December, 1973, Auckland, NZ.

James Shaw: 6 May 1973, Wellington, NZ.



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  1. The comments I’ve been seeing can be summarised by
    “I will not accept any measures requiring me or my family to comply. I am pro choice and will not accept lock ups, masks, monitoring, isolation or distancing”
    There is also a documentary out called Rivers of Freedom that has had full houses

    I don’t know how this stacks up astrologically.

  2. Post

    Hi Rosie
    I have seen some of these too on particular sites – and seen calls to vote for Sue Grey of the NZ and Outdoor Freedom party and the parties she is cooperating with. The Covid restrictions were very tough. But when I was in NZ in February this year, my experience was that most people went along with a lot of it and the Libra not wanting to rock the boat was very visible to me. It seems the parties supporting those views will not reach the necessary 5% to gain parliamentary admittance. Of course they do not get the publicity that others receive. The main thing people seemed to want to have fixed was the health system, which has seriously deteriorated (as it has in other countries). It will be interesting to see but I think Ceres and Mars in Scorpio on the day will be seeking revenge – but that will be against the Labour party for the tough measures and the fact that they didn’t deliver on many promises.

  3. Dear Faye, now that we have the coalition contract between National, Act and New Zealand First due to be announced Friday 24 November, would it be possible for you to give one of your thoughtful analyses of the type of government we are likely to have here for the next three years? The three main players seem unlikely bedfellows but I guess the desire for power means a willingness to smooth the bed linen. Thank you.

  4. Post

    Hi Joan
    Thanks for your comment – indeed an interesting mix. And thanks for the ‘thoughtful analyses’:) That’s quite a bit of work but I will think about it – maybe not as a blog post. If you could get the start dates for the parties I think that might be the best way to look at it, rather than the leaders. But if you can get me data of those as well ( I have Luxton) then that would save me some work! Then I will have a think when I have time. Just getting over our elections…

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