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Capricorn 2012


Photo from my roof – New Year’s Eve 2012

What will you make of it?

It has been talked about for so long I feel we have already done it. But I realise I have to mention it if only to say that it’s not the end of the world. And if I’m wrong who will be left to point this out? From a western astrology perspective, although we have some interesting and transforming cycles to deal with this year, there is no planetary configuration happening this year that we haven’t lived through before, albeit some time back.

In the first week of January, I attended a scientific talk on 2012 at our Planetarium. As expected the gist was that anything other than what can be physically seen and measured in the cosmos is all rubbish. However, Govert Schilling, who is the science correspondent for a local daily newspaper, the Volkskrant, did at least say that the Mayan literature doesn’t suggest 2012 will be the end of the world. He’s right about that.

The Mayans are not the only ones who say this is an important period. In my understanding, Indian astrology also has theories about large cycles which have to do with the physical position of the earth in relation to the centre of our galaxy. Schilling suggests that there is no line-up of the earth with the Galactic centre this year. But this is not my understanding from other literature, although I hasten to add I am no expert in this area. And I imagine, looking at the picture, that the centre is quite difficult to pinpoint. Novelty theory also points to this period as being one of major shifts.

Galactic centre

Photo Nasa – artist impression of our Milky Way Galaxy

My belief about this, as you will know if you read my posts, is that we have some choice about what we do with 2012. And the more we talk about doom scenarios, the more likely we are to create them. So please stop!

Some people can explain things better than I can around some of these theories, or are more qualified,  so I offer you just a few links below for those of you who find 2012 theories interesting.

Being in Capricorn, indeed the right time to set goals for the year, here’s what I think you should do – starting now. Be rebellious and step into your power.

I’m afraid I am turning into a cranky old woman who writes letters and phones people, although I’m not always grumpy. Instead of staying irritated about service providers, I have taken them on in recent times. Frankly, I am getting really tired of crap service. Companies and all people in them (and us) get paid to provide a service, a product or to do a job. It has been all too easy (up until now) to just say “oh we can’t do anything about that.” I have decided I am not going to accept that.  Even if I don’t get what I want, I will have it off my chest.

I love this photo – can’t find the original to give the credit.

So far it has proved fruitful. The Volkskrant, my current target, might prove more of a challenge, but more on that later. In most cases there have been two parties involved. And of course, it’s always the other party – not the one you have on the phone, who is to blame.

Strike 1: Faye vs. Liander and Greenchoice. (Energy infrastructure and provider). Liander, who uses third parties, initially blamed them, then Greenchoice, then finally took some responsibility for the ridiculous nature of the work done to replace my old meter.  Faye: 200 Euros back.

Strike 2: Faye vs. EasyJet who use someone else for their hotel booking service. This is on their site, but they blamed the other company for the fact that if you ask for a twin room – a pretty basic requirement – you may not get one. Faye: 60 pounds credit.

Strike 3: A problem with electronic banking with the ING bank. Nothing at all was their fault, they claimed. Faye: 200 Euros credit. Yes, even a bank  – although that incident was a while back.

Strike 4: Faye vs. UPC internet provider. That old chestnut.  It was their suggestion that I went with faster internet which at the time was cheaper than my current contract. After the usual  – yes, I know you are all familiar with it –  getting it up and running hassle, the result was that my laptop could no longer work wirelessly.
According to UPC:
a. this was not their problem, it was my laptop’s problem (although it worked perfectly well before) and anyway
b. I had internet. The point of having a wireless laptop seems to have escaped them. After much discussion and no-ing and it’s not in the contract-ing and my boss would say the same-ing  – Faye: 2 months free contract!

In UPC’s defence I must add that the help desk service has improved enormously lately – they listened to the wake-up call.

I stayed calm with all of this and just said I don’t agree and it’s not good enough. It’s quite fun when you get the hang of it.

I’ll have to report later on the Volkskrant, but here it is about the delivery company – again a third party. I maintain that they are responsible for what is basically blackmail from their deliverer. And they have sent me a very nice letter and said he has been told off. Over my time away (I am off soon to Australia and New Zealand to promote my upcoming book on vocation and have a holiday) I will reflect on whether this is enough for me.


Photo from www.new-zealand-pictures.co.nz

So the next post will come to you from a hopefully sunny New Zealand!

Have a good 2012. Use the help from the planets to demand your rights and step into your own power. This means you have to be honest and responsible too. Enjoy the change. As one of the videos points out – 2012: the year of power. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting Websites of the Month

What the Mayans themselves are apparently saying

Metaphysical Hangover Cure several videos on how the world really could end, from Jason Gots on Big Think. My personal favourite is Melissa Franklin!

Year of Power by Lee Harris  a 20 minute meditation-like video. Probably not for everyone as Lee is a channeller but the messages are very much in line with the planetary messages in my view.

Many of my previous posts mention important issues for 2012 – see the Capricorn 2011 one in particular.

This Month’s Quote

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”
Karen Kasier Clark