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Aquarius 2023

This month, I was invited to take part in setting up a new program for The Transmission School in Tuscany. I will take part for one week in a 14 week semester that runs from September to December 2023. The theme this year is Freedom and Responsibility. I was thrilled to be asked, and with Mercury strong for me in Italy, it is a place I find fun and interesting, as well as beautiful.

astrology tuscany

View from near the school

Aquarius rulers

Aquarius has a traditional ruler, Saturn, and a modern ruler Uranus. These may seem to be opposites but in my experience Aquarius can indeed manifest both sides. Authoritative ideas, concrete brainstorming, and mental stubbornness being just a few manifestations! However Saturn is associated with teaching and wisdom, and Uranus is associated with doing things differently. And The Transmission School is a perfect example of this.

This from the site: “Beyond science, spirituality and philosophy, we teach practicable wisdom and provide the tools for an integrated life.” “Our goal is to create a platform where, together with our students and through an ecological and sustainable way of living, we can explore relationships and evolution, knowledge and truth, connections and self-healing. We have come together to build a school in a land where we will express ourselves through loving and respectful intent, collaborating with nature’s forces and wisdom.”

transmission school tuscany

The accommodation

Old and new

Saturn and Uranus, when combined well, produce the best of the old and the new. The school is totally different from other universities, and the knowledge held by the teachers is very inspiring. I can’t wait to teach there. As an Aquarian I feel very at home there, also with the theme this year, Freedom and Responsibility. A better description for Uranus and Saturn would be hard to find!

Learning from the past two years

In the last two years Saturn and Uranus have been locked in battle. I wrote several posts relating to this –  one is my Capricorn 2021 post when they were in full confrontation. The way this manifested was very clear. Many rebelled (Uranus) against rules and lockdowns (Saturn), and there are many other examples. We are through that now and on to other powerful changes this year which I wrote about last month in my Capricorn 2023 post. So now is the time to embody what we have learned. Did we balance Saturn and Uranus  – as this was the opportunity offered to us by the cosmos? I think not. Although most of the rules have mysteriously disappeared. But the hope of leaders taking responsibility for the truth is still a long way off, I fear.

Message received

The Transmission School received the message! By respecting the land, water and every living being on the earth, trying to live off grid in line with nature, and being in a loving, truth-seeking community, it is totally aligned with a positive version of these combined planets. Sovereignty, where responsibility for yourself and others is a given, and expressing uniqueness, allows creativity to flow. Making the world better is the result.

The school was originally a Franciscan monastery. This is the wall of the teaching space known now as the temple.

In tune with the ethos

I loved the location so much I have booked a week in May to give a course of my own. Together with my dear friend Zelda Hall, we will give a workshop called ‘At home in yourself – at home in the world’. It’s Taurus time then. A perfect time to be in nature in the beautiful surroundings of Tuscany, and a perfect time to nourish the body. I will be helping you find a nurturing environment by looking at your horoscope to find where you can truly thrive. Zelda will focus on the importance of being fully embodied and how your body and your dreams can help you gain conscious awareness, much needed in these times. You can book now for this 5-day workshop, and you can stay for 7 nights at the location. The link is below with more information


My week in the full training program

I will be using astrology to look at the themes of Freedom and Responsibility, so of course I will look at the Uranus and Saturn archetypes generally, and also in participants’ horoscopes. I will also discuss vocation and help uncover calling, for each participant. I share my week with Zelda Hall, mentioned above. As well as that, the sky there is wonderful when the weather is clear, so we can actually look at some of the planets too! The goal is to have participants follow the entire 14 week program, but there may be some spots available for individual weeks. The whole fascinating program is now up on the Transmission School site.

It would be great to see you there.

Interesting websites of the month

Here’s Pushpa, one of the founders, talking about the school. She mentions that the school is for young people, however everyone from 18 to 108 is more than welcome!

The full Transmission School program to September to December 2023

The May week information with Zelda and me: At home in yourself – at home in the world.

The Amapachamama Foundation hosts our workshop. See the video from the site for a look at the location.


Quote of the month

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.”  Richard Feynman

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