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Scorpio 2022

There are so many things referred to as conspiracy theories these days, it’s hard to keep up. Scorpio is a sign that likes to get to the bottom of things. To delve deeply to uncover the truth. Yet it is getting more and more difficult to trust any sources on anything. And perhaps that’s the point, because one of the effects this could have, is that we have to do better research ourselves and evaluate each source.


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One of the main things I learned, when studying for my Masters, was to ‘go back to source’ and not use second hand material! The Scorpio-Pluto archetype would agree with this, along with deeply questioning and trusting our own inner knowledge and gut feeling about any topic.

The easy option

Sadly, the majority of people don’t take this action. It takes time, and in our ‘only read the heading’ and ‘see what our friends and heroes think’ society, information gets spread on social media quicker than you can look up who said what. And who reads links to studies these days? Or checks credentials of authors or bloggers?

Trust – a Scorpio issue

I notice that I am beginning to doubt all sorts of information. In some ways this is healthy, but it can go too far, and this can have a very unsettling effect in society. Anxiety or anger are two of the milder feelings that can result. However, what is happening now is more disturbing, as the trust in governments world-wide is diminishing. If this goes too far, rebellion can get out of hand. I think when Pluto goes into Aquarius next year this is very likely to happen, if we don’t change.


When people are frightened, angry or confused and become disorientated, the tendency is to search for safe harbours. To find where we belong and have the warm blanket of friends who agree with our views, to rely on. It is also natural to look to authority figures to reassure us about the world. This leads many to still rely on standard news outlets for news and explanations, trusting sources like the BBC or our national news channels. So having a confused public can be beneficial for governments. But what if they are censoring what we hear? I have written on this before in my Narrative control post.

Listening to a program the other day, an interviewer was asking people if they thought that COVID vaccines had caused any damage. One woman shocked the interviewer when she said “If it was true, it would be on the news if there was any damage – so no.” I also found this quite alarming, as even in mainstream media there has been acknowledgement of, among other side effects, myocarditis problems.


The original meaning of conspiracy, which comes from con and spire – to breathe together – was to plot a dastardly plan. It had shades of discussing evil acts in a dark corner somewhere. These days a conspiracy theory refers to a belief that there are secret groups planning to carry out malevolent goals. There have always been conspiracy theories, however with social media rampant, it is much easier for these beliefs to be spread very quickly and to take hold.

fake news astrology

Photo Jacob Baker pixabay

The term also seems to have become a way to negatively judge information. ‘Fake news’ was part of this, and now people are often being labelled conspiracy theorists for going against approved narratives. An example of this happened during COVID, when some scientific experts were being heavily censored for giving an opinion. Many of these people were accused of spreading conspiracy theories.

Many are true

Although the term conspiracy theory is usually taken to mean ‘a load of rubbish’, the term does not necessarily refer to something untrue. There have been many conspiracy theories in the past, ranging from ideas on Princess Diana’s death, to the earth being flat, to 9/11, to the Moon landing being faked. Some have turned out to be true – Watergate being a case in point. However, the term is usually applied when a particular theory is being ridiculed. It’s a way of putting people down.


Doing the rounds on social media – can’t find the original.

Why do we like conspiracy theories?

There are more and more studies being done that ask this question. Several explanations are coming to light and I have included articles below if you want further reading. Some studies suggest that if we are shocked by a reported event, it is comforting to look for an explanation that shows it not to be true. It makes it easier to handle or ignore. It also seems that we believe theories if we don’t like a desired outcome. Studies have shown that when Democrats win in the US, there are more conspiracy theories about them, and the same is true if Republicans win. Conspiracy theories favour winning sides!

The less control people have in their lives, the more likely they are to believe in conspiracy theories. Sometimes it helps to maintain a positive feeling about society. Our brains are programmed to look for patterns to help make sense of the world. Once we have formed a theory, we look for confirmation of it, leading to confirmation bias. Consequently, we are unlikely to change our views easily.


Conspiracies abound

When governments keep secrets, lie or censor information, conspiracies flourish. This is now glaringly obvious with censorship online by YouTube and Facebook. Also by what mainstream media puts out. A lot of this could be described as propaganda.  This makes many so suspicious that they look to other sources. This is very counter-productive for governments, but they don’t seem to have received that memo. When we are lied to, it triggers not only anger but rage. It’s dangerous.

I’m a believer

Many things that are labelled conspiracies have validity in my book. But some are clearly ridiculous, dangerous, hurtful, and damaging. Two cases in the news recently have been the Sandy Hook shootings and the Manchester bombings, the theories being that they were both staged. Ostensibly for some benefit of government or some other secretive rulers. The Sandy Hook conspiracy spreader has now been fined, but the damage had been done. Many still believe the theory.

Manchester bombings

It makes me wonder what kind of person thinks that following victims of the tragic Manchester bombing incident, to see if they are faking injuries, is a good idea. Finally a court case is being prepared against this man, but victims have been traumatised again by such an intrusion of privacy. This particular individual has sold many books he has written on the subject. Clearly one of his motivations is to make money. Some suggest that this type of story produces ‘click bait’ and gives notoriety and fame. It also produces ‘followers’, who become marketing targets for financial gain. Some kind of empowerment! It’s so heartless.

Persona non grata

For years, Julian Assange has been accused of conspiracy, and is still being punished even though what he exposed was true. An up-and-coming accusation to put people down seems to be labelling them antisemitic. Jeremy Corbyn in the UK was written off due to these unfounded claims. And clearly just being a conspiracy theorist is not bad enough for my adopted county. I was so disappointed when the Netherlands banned David Icke from attending a peace rally in Amsterdam. Not only that, he is banned from entering any of the 26 Schengen countries for 2 years. Accusation? Antisemitic. The document he received also references terrorism threat levels!

Amsterdam – what happened?

Amsterdam used to be a hot-bed of activism and free thinking. Whatever you may think of Icke, he is clearly not a terrorist. A few of his ideas are a bit whacky, but most of what he says makes sense to me, and he is not antisemitic. The issue here is about control of free speech. Again this banning has been counter-productive. David is a very articulate, passionate, convincing speaker, particularly in this climate of distrust in government. This action rather proves his point! And this won’t silence him either, he has been pilloried for so long for his views, that he is no longer scared. He feels it is his duty to expose what he knows to be true.

banned from Europe

Photo of David Icke by Stefano Maffei Flickr

So who is David Icke?

I’ve posted a film below if you are unfamiliar with him and his work. I thought I’d take a quick look at Icke’s chart, as he is a fascinating character. He’s a Taurus, the opposite of our sign of the month, Scorpio. I always thought he might be an Aquarian! But no – at heart he is a practical bull. With his Sun next to Jupiter, he is a big picture person, a good strategist and someone with a strong philosophy. With this aspect in the 7th house, I think that makes his focus the spreading of his ideas to others. He is a sort of missionary.

conspiracy theorist astrology

David Icke horoscope

Aries – a fighter – Scorpio – passion

He has Venus, Mercury (both contacting Pluto) and Ceres in Aries. He’s a fierce fighter for others with his words and a defender of the disenfranchised. And with the Sun opposing Mars, he most likely feels it is his vocation to challenge authority figures. Mars opposes Jupiter too, making this aspect even more emphasised. Mars in Scorpio will fight to the death! He is not likely to give up.

His mission

His mission, with Leo at the top of the chart, is to get attention and to encourage love. That’s what he says too. And with Libra rising, he comes across as a peace-spreader. It’s not for nothing he was invited to a peace rally! But with Pluto near the top of the chart, he really does want to transform everyone he meets. He has power. And he has been a tireless worker for his cause.

His whacky, awakening side

I was not entirely off the mark in thinking he was an Aquarian, as he is very Uranian, and this planet has links to that sign. His Moon in Cancer (he needs his family – his children work with him) is next to Uranus. In this part of his personality, he is a loner and someone who wants to break through bullshit and awaken everyone to the truth.


Like many of us, he is a complicated character. However, what he is best known for is his ideas. And for that we need to look at Mercury in his chart. His combative Mercury in Aries (he doesn’t mince words) picks up many other planets: A very close contact with the Moon, and contacts with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These all have both positive and negative potential. Just a few thoughts, taking these one at a time …

  • Moon – an ability to sense moods including of the populace. Protecting with words. Moody. A need to communicate.
  • Saturn – goal oriented and focussed. Crystallised thoughts. Structured thinking – all combined with Aries that could be tricky.
  • Uranus – convinced of his own ideas. Brilliant and can download information, also from other dimensions, which he says he does. Different, independent ideas. Truth seeker. Unlikely to change his mind.
  • Neptune – can read a room, ability to tune into energy and non-verbal information. Compassionate thinker. Or good at fantasy and storytelling.
  • Pluto – can convince and sway minds, passionate, deep researcher which he says he has done for years. Powerful adversary.

However this works for him, I see no justification for banning him for speaking his truth. Despite the fact that I might not want to go and listen to him (although I have found him interesting over the years) I don’t expect, in this day and age in Europe, to be told that I can’t! I can make up my own mind about what I hear. The way he has been treated really is a warning for us all.

So can astrology help us?

When I see control, conspiracies, lies, propaganda, passion, suspicion, trust issues, censoring and rage, the archetype of Pluto-Scorpio is at the top of my list. This archetype is a fascinating one. When Pluto is involved, we can’t look away. Like a horrible accident, we have to investigate. There is a kind of charisma to disasters and secrets. It’s an old survival mechanism which kicks in when danger lurks. Like a detective story, we have to know ‘who dunnit’. Our reactions to this energy can be either empowered or a bit paranoid.

conspiracy fear

From Catch 22

The solution

We need to heal and upgrade the consciousness of this field. In the past I have advocated two ways of doing this. Either by what I call astreopathy, or by using a planetary antidote. Astreopathy is homeopathy with planets – i.e. we need a positive Pluto-Scorpio to heal a negative one. Instead of getting suspicious and frightened of everything, we need to empower ourselves to investigate the truth, and look at our own inner fears. To seek a psychological understanding of people opposed to our views and take a standpoint based on truthful research. To be a good detective and not seek revenge, which only leads to more conflict. And we need to learn how to do critical analysis instead of just accepting everything on the web or in mainstream or any other news. There is a lot of hogwash out there.

When we can use Pluto positively we can step into the power we all have. As many say, there are far more of ‘us’ than there are of ‘them’ (plutocrats!, authority and governments).

My antidote to Pluto problems is Ceres. As I have mentioned many times in my posts, this wise feminine archetype is needed to counteract poisonous, manipulating, controlling people or groups. This means that especially women need to come to the fore by demanding a voice at the negotiation table and protection for the disenfranchised. To stand up against all abuse of power, including bullying and sexual abuse. Not to mention defending the environment.

cop 27

A picture paints a thousand words – where are the women?

On a lighter note – or is it?

During the women’s march after Trump was elected, 24-year-old Peter McIndoe, wondered what would happen if he held up a placard, with the most absurd thing he could think of, to see what happened. And so ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ was born. It went accidentally viral when his friend posted it online. He was fascinated and decided to treat it as an experiment. And so a back story was developed and people roped in and it has become a ‘thing’! Most people who follow it are in the know and have a good laugh about it. The back story is imaginative and amusing – pigeons pooping on cars are planting micro-trackers! And a deep-state whistle-blower was invented to say how the CIA was involved.

fake conspiracy

However, what is scary, is that there are people who believe it. That’s what McIndoe is highlighting in this post-truth world. It’s another great warning of what’s going on in this crazy time. But at least it’s funny. Or is it?

Faye Blake

Interesting websites of the month

The 10 most popular conspiracy theories in America.

Why conspiracy theories thrive in politics.

Why people believe in conspiracy theories. I’m not sure I agree with all the examples but the description is good.

David Icke

David Icke on Amsterdam

More from David’s reaction to the ban

Birds aren’t real

The origin of the campaign

For astrologers

And for astrologers – my article on Ceres is an antidote for Pluto which was chosen as article of the month on

David Icke: 29 April 1952, 19:15 BST, Leicester, UK. A Rating

Quote of the month

“Those who can make people believe absurdities, can make people commit atrocities.” Voltaire

And couldn’t resist this one

mistrust government


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  3. I always enjoy your thoughtful and well written blog. Way back in the 1980s when I didn’t believe in conspiracies, I knew one of David Icke’s publishers. Now, 40 years later having made friends with all the mutability in my chart, I find I believe much too easily, so have avoided Mr Icke! But it is dismal that he has been banned. Thank you for speaking out!

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    Hi Colin thanks for taking the time to comment. I always appreciate that and glad you enjoy my blog. Yes it is getting ridiculous the abuse of power!

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