Hitting where it hurts – for climate change

Taurus 2019

Our sign of the month has always had associations with the earth. ‘Mother Earth’ –Β  we often call her. Or Gaia. According to many people, she and her inhabitants are in danger – and that includes us. Daily, we are faced with calls to do something about the threatened extinction of many species and to stop deforestation. To avoid using plastic and to do our bit regarding climate change. But even in my own city neighbourhood many trees are being removed for so-called progress, and many, we are told, are sick. I find it extremely sad. I love the fertile nature of Taurus here in the north. So green and lush. It is horrifying to think that this may not continue.

climate change

My photo –Β  from a stroll through the Dr. Jac. P. Thijssepark, in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam.

There are many theories as to why the earth is in trouble, and most involve humans. We seem to be completely out of touch with nature and her wisdom. I imagine the earth herself, along with the plant kingdom, has a survival plan and she probably can do that without us. The question is – do we want to work together with her?

I think all the planets have their own consciousness and wisdom, and Mother Earth is no exception. Perhaps there are longer cycles at work with climate change, but that doesn’t mean we should treat the earth badly, plundering her riches without a thought as to whether they can be replaced. I am amazed at how resilient plants can be – some of my roof vegetables survived the winter and many have self seeded! However, I imagine there are limits, even though nature creates new species to deal with new conditions. I wish the human race would stop thinking that we know better than ‘Mother Nature’. There is so much that we don’t know about Taurean intelligence – earth and nature wisdom. Ok – rant over.

taurus plants

Looking promising on my roof.

Massive changes

The present astrological picture shows a time of upheaval with the potential for huge changes – both positive and negative. Alas, many of these changes seem to be very negative at the moment. So what can we do to work together with the earth and her plants and creatures? There is a rebellion afoot and it’s right on time. Extinction Rebellion and the teenage Climate Change activist Greta Thunberg are in perfect harmony with the cosmic plan. Uranus is currently in Taurus, which I wrote about in my Taurus post of last year – Lightning strikes the Bull.

extinction rebellion

Demonstrations on ‘Rebellion Day’ Nov 17 2018 – Photo Sebastian Dooris

It’s all about values

Taurus is a sign that has to do with worth and value. Hence it has always been associated with money and resources. I also relate Taurus’s ruling planet – Venus – to talent. If we love what we do and do what we love, we get good at it and should be rewarded for it! However, worldwide we have become obsessed with the ‘mighty dollar’. There is an overriding drive to attain more and more money, often ignoring what we would enjoy doing for a living. Clearly having money sitting in a bank doesn’t really give pleasure – another Taurus word. What it does do is give a sense of security for many people and an idea that we are somehow in control or have power. It might be practical in today’s world, but what Taurus really wants is sensual delight.

The change that needs to happen is that we put these pleasures higher up our values list. The sight of a beautiful sunset or the colours of birds, the smell of the earth after rain or of flowers, the feel of grass or sand underfoot, the sounds of beautiful music, the taste of fruit picked ripe from a tree. The simple pleasures that money can’t buy. Why do we spend so little time experiencing these things? And how can we change that? Is it a case of ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’? “They paved paradise to put up a parking lot” from Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi comes to mind. Are we too late?

taurus art taurus nature taurus senses
I stopped to admire the art and smell the roses on my trip around the block.

Greta thinks soΒ 

Greta Thunberg is doing a wonderful job inspiring young people and she has gained amazing access to all kinds of ‘decision-makers’, and that is having an effect. We don’t have a birth time for her, however, I would say that from what we know, she has found her true calling early in life. She is a Capricorn – an earth sign – for me the sign of a teacher. The Sun in her horoscope is next to Chiron, the wounded healer, a good description of what she is called to do. She has been diagnosed with a type of autism, (her wound) which she says helps her stay focused, and she is also a healer for the earth.

Greta’s vocation also includes Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and, perhaps most importantly, Ceres. As I mentioned already, Venus has links with the earth. Jupiter can shine in international strategy and philosophy, Uranus is the innovative, straight-talking, truth-telling rebel – the one who is different, and Ceres is the protector of the earth and her animals and plants. Ceres champions purity and biodiversity. This is an element of Greta’s calling. Part of Ceres’ brief is for older wise women to work together with young ones, so I loved this picture of Greta with Jane Goodall. You can see how much Greta admires her.

greta thunberg jane goodall climate change

Greta Thunberg with Jane Goodall at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year . I can’t find the photographer of this image to give credit.

Jane is an Aries – a pioneer, animal rights activist and a fighter. Greta has Ceres in Aries – an eco-warrior! They are a good match, so perhaps it’s not surprising that they found each other. The universe works in mysterious ways!

Extinction Rebellion knows we are too late

There is urgency, and it’s wonderful to see so many people engaged. You have to get the message out – and the message is right for the Bull, but Taurus wants concrete results – not only marching and demonstrations. Extinction Rebellion, a group who uses non-violent resistance to act against climate and ecological breakdown, loss of biodiversity and extinction, have three demands. Tell the truth, act now, and create a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice. These are all aimed at governments. Don’t get me wrong, I think this a great initiative, but I wonder how much power governments really have these days. You only have to look at Brexit to doubt any government’s ability to get anything done. Ceres would be pleased with a Citizen’s Assembly – she is all about the democratic process. But this type of assembly needs to be given agency by government to make an impact.

Or do they?

It seems to me that governments do not have real power any more in many countries. There are powerful gun lobbies, religious lobbies and big business interests that really call the shots. The frightening way laws are being overturned, particularly in the US on abortion, is an example of this. Our democracy is broken. I wrote a post about this too in 2016 using Brexit as an example.

Civil disobedience is a good plan (maybe the only one) and of course governments can and must be instrumental in change. But I fear it won’t do anything to stop those with the real power – those with money. We are still at a consciousness level worldwide where money talks. To effect real change, we have to start at the same level of thinking. One part of Extinction Rebellion’s protest did this. It blocked the entrance to the London Stock Exchange. That’s the right target.

financial climate

Extinction Rebellion outside the London Stock Exchange

Hitting where it could hurt

The question is, how can the ground swell of people who want change, engage with those who have the means (the money) and the power to tackle climate change and deforestation? We still need to ‘follow the money’. If people are deforesting for such crops as palm oil, growing drugs so that they can eat, or growing food to supply other countries, how can we make planting trees or growing food for local use an option for those who need to put food on the table or are only in it for financial gain? Some people and big business will always be greedy – I think we have to start there. What’s in for them?

We can all help by understanding what causes deforestation, but cracking the powerful drug lord rings using punishment is clearly not the answer. Nor is attempting to make laws to limit the killing of certain species of fish and animals. It simply isn’t effective. We might need to help them find an alternative for making money that doesn’t devastate the earth. And find innovative ways to tax big business and criminal activities that are destroying nature. That might hit the spot. As I frequently say, ‘A Taurus problem requires a Taurus solution.’ Astreopathy!

There has to be an incentive

The stick doesn’t work with this kind of problem – so we have to find a carrot. The billions raised for rebuilding Notre Dame in Paris, after the devastating fire, is a good example of this. These billionaires are not just donating out of the goodness of their hearts. There is, of course, something in it for them. An article below explains why Gucci and Dior are donating. From the article: “Notre Dame is associated with heritage and beauty, values that resonate within the luxury industry. Preserving the cathedral burnishes donors’ position as a guardian of those characteristics, which in turn highlights the broader lifestyle they seek to promote.” And “Their altruism works best on high-profile sites that appeal to tourists, as their donations also literally put their names on the map for the millions of visitors to key locations each year.”

I think this offers a way to think about how to help both climate change and extinctions. Some projects are working along these lines (making it worthwhile to change tack) – we just need more and bigger ones. Extinction Rebellion have raised a lot of money so far, but imagine what could be done with the amount of money that has been pledged for Notre Dame!


I’m always amazed at how Amsterdammers create gardens in such small spaces.

Of course we can and must do our bit

And we are doing our bit. Caring for nature by cleaning up. Growing bee-friendly plants. Recycling. Growing our own food. Getting rid of plastic and hugging trees. Buying organic. Eating less meat. Treating animals, as well as plants, as sentient beings. And staying informed. Recently, I heard Richard Powers, the author who won the 2019 Pulitzer prize for fiction, and who is short-listed for the 2018 Man Booker prize, talk about his book The Overstory. It’s about trees. It was a wonderful lecture and I have just started reading the book. Below is an excerpt. This type of book must help the cause.

trees taurus

In the end…

I imagine the earth will survive, but I hope humans manage to reach a tipping point in consciousness so that we can use cosmic forces positively to create a future we would delight in experiencing.

Faye Blake

Interesting websites

An article on Extinction Rebellion. The ER website is also very informative.

The article on why Gucci and Dier want to rebuild Notre Dame

Joni Mitchell – ahead of her time?

Quote of the Month

β€œLook deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Thomas Jefferson.

For astrologers

Greta Thunberg: 3 January, 2003, Stockholm, Sweden, time unknown. I use the Sun and aspects to describe vocation. Greta has the Sun conjunct Chiron, square Ceres, semisquare Venus and Uranus, biquintile (a talent) Jupiter and probably conjunct the Moon.

Jane Goodall: 3 April, 1934, London, UK, 11:30 pm has a B rating on Astrodatabank.

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  1. All the groups that are ‘fighting’ climate change, use the same language that those who created the climate change problem use. For them there is a ‘baddy’, a group who are to blame. And we should all know that this is not just simplistic, it is naive and unhelpful.

    Using your example above, suppose ER block the stock exchange, billions of pensioners own stock [though they may not realise it] via pension funds, and thus any action of this nature doesn’t hurt the stock exchange, it hurts pensioners, many of whom are poorer than anyone in ER.

    There is no ‘baddy’. There are just billions of people who are enmeshed in a society so complex they no longer realise the consequences of their actions, and many saying ‘well I am only one person amongst 7 billion, what difference will my holiday in Tenerife make?’

    We are all ‘baddies’ and not intentionally so.

    After all, who is the ‘baddy’ when a doctor saves the life of someone who then goes on to consume a woodful of trees by buying newspapers and books, and causes the extinction of yet another creature by buying biscuits made with palm oil from cleared virgin rain forest. Doctor, patient saved, palm oil manufacturer, paper makers? There is no product without demand and ultimately we could argue that the doctor should not have saved that patient.

    Action and consequence of action have become too far apart for people to know the effect of anything they do. The chain of cause effect is too complex and long to work out – and people are simply not bothering.

    Sorry to put a negative side to your article Faye, but I fear the ‘them’ and ‘us’ separation that is taking place will merely result in untold misery for everyone – and the inevitable will still happen. Instead of them and us, it ought to be ‘we’ – all of us, no baddies, no goodies, but each of us searching out our individual effect and thinking about the results of our own actions, on a day to day basis. ‘If I do this what will be the effect?’

    People are the problem.

  2. Post

    I was not thinking in goodies and baddies and I agree we are the problem. My point was that people will always be greedy or need to make money and follow the money is a place to start. I only mentioned the stock exchange as an example as mostly the goal is to make money from money. It means we need to build up pensions some other way or whatever it takes. Take responsibility for everything we do. ER do not use that sort of language – their three demands have nothing to do with goodies or baddies. Greta is calling for responsibility and action to solve the problem. She is calling out adults and fair play to her – she’s right. Of course it is not simplistic – I wasn’t suggesting it is.

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