Taurus – a time to chill and find awe

Taurus 2021

As I write, Taurus time is coming to an end for this year, in terms of the Sun’s visit. It is an abundant time, and perhaps has been made even more abundant by the goddess of grain herself. Ceres is visiting Taurus. She is happy in this sign which is a good thing, since when she is grumpy nothing grows! I would ask her to make it a bit warmer here though! On the upside, her stay in Taurus has probably given the tulips a longer ‘shelf-life’. Mine are still flowering.

Laid back Taurus

When visiting Taurus, any planets, gods, goddesses, and people tend to want to chill out, to spend time in nature and to enjoy sensual pleasures. When Ceres relaxes so can we, as she then has no desire to confiscate things from us. She will work with us to provide food and try to give us green, relaxing environments. While she is here, she will do her utmost to encourage us to de-stress. As the goddess of epigenetics (in my view), she is an expert on how our ability to reduce stress and toxins in our lives leads to a much stronger immune system. I wrote a post last year with some advice on this for each Ceres sign. It is now well-known that any type of stress is a major factor in many diseases.

ceres nature

Cycles of nature

A time to chill

Ceres is in Taurus until July 31st. However she appears to think her work will not be done by then and returns to this, her favourite sign, from December 21st until February 9th, 2022. It looks like we might all be overdoing the Christmas dinner! So these are good periods to really examine what is causing stress in your life, be it a relationship, a job, even Christmas, or just the world in general. It is a time to take action, or try to find methods to counteract excess tension in your life. We need healthy immune systems to survive the current problems in the world.

tension uranus

Christmas stress

The disruptor

There is another planet still hanging out in Taurus too. I wrote a post called Lightning strikes the bull, when Uranus entered Taurus in 2018, where he stays until 2025. He’s not really the chill-out type, although with Uranus, we should always expect the unexpected. The spat between him and his adversary Saturn, who is now in Aquarius, is the dominant theme of 2021. They seem to be in a constant series of Zoom arguments, (Aquarius and Uranus can be tech geeks), mainly about rules vs. freedom. I wrote a more detailed post about this meeting between Saturn and Uranus at the beginning of this year. Uranus is being hassled by Saturn to follow the government rules, or be responsible, or do what he is told, or follow anyone who has authority. But Uranus has had enough of old-school male, pale and stale.

Stubborn rebellion

When Uranus is in Taurus, he is very stubborn about wanting change. We can see this in Myanmar, with many people being brave enough to stand up to army authority. And in the David and Goliath situation in Palestine. In situations all over the world, rebels are not backing down any time soon, while the other side — those Saturns in authority — dig in, convinced they are right (Aquarius). So physically stubborn meets mentally stubborn, which about sums up where we are on many problematic topics, including COVID.

What to do?

The best option for change, at all levels, would be to use the positive potential of Uranus in Taurus. Yes, we need to have determination and stamina, but with innovation. Making war, yelling at each other and taking sides have outlasted their sell-by dates. We need to do something different, while remaining just as resolute. Taurus, in the end, is practical and pragmatic. Change needs to have a defined result, but the way we get there requires new inspiration. Off-the-wall approaches and flashes of brilliance!

Stress relief

Sometimes taking action to solve a problem can calm us because we need to feel we have done something, no matter how small. However there are other ways. In the video below, the subject of awe is discussed. I found this fascinating, as scientific experiments are showing that awe-inducing experiences act to reduce stress and boost our immunity. So we need to go in search of awe.

awe wonder

Sunset from my roof in 2016

Uranus in Taurus

This combination is really a symbol of finding inspiration and surprises in Nature, who can innovate in a way we can only dream of. Just look at the Coronavirus mutations! Nature is awe-inspiring. The beauty of a star-filled sky when we are away from light pollution, the Northern lights and amazing sunsets can fill us with wonder. Travelling to beautiful places can do this too but in times like these, awe seems harder to find. Music can also provide a source for experiencing awe. Taurus rules the voice – so we need surprising and innovative voices in every sense.

Back to awe

But as Dacher and Elissa point out in this video, we can find extraordinary things on a daily basis, and we should try, as it is very good for us! By really looking at what is around us we can notice wondrous things, and in those moments our earthy Taurus bodies can rejoice. Ceres will cosy up to Uranus on June 11th, so this might be a good day for encountering surprises in the natural world. I hope positive ones rather than nasty shocks!

I am less keen on their other solution for strengthening immune systems! Sudden shocks (Uranus) to the body (Taurus) by such things as very cold water. No wonder activities like sitting in ice and wild swimming are becoming all the rage now. It is right for the time! But I’ll go for awe.

My own awesome moment

On the day that Ceres — the fertility and all things natural goddess — went into Taurus, something happened in my bathroom that I found really awe-inspiring. A plant I had been given back in 2005, had, for the first time a couple of months ago, produced a seed pod. I was surprised enough by this, as until then it had only produced lovely, white, beautifully scented flowers. I forgot about it after wondering if I should pick the pod or break it open, until on the day, literally a few minutes after Ceres went into Taurus, I walked into my bathroom to find amazing seeds floating down into my bath!

awesome nature

Seeds of the Madagascan Jasmine

The split pod itself was perhaps even more amazing:

awe inspiring nature

The seed pod – about the size of a pear.

Uranus Taurus

The first glimpse of the seeds

taurus 2021

The middle part flipped over showing all the seeds in a wondrous pattern!

amazing nature

The seeds opening out with their distribution devices.

I’m sure that was a huge boost for my immune system. Now for my next awe fix — to see if any of the seeds grow!

Faye Blake

Interesting video of the month

I came across Elissa Epel when I was researching epigenetics and the link to Ceres. She is the co-writer of a book about telemeres. This video is about an hour long. I found it very interesting and well worth taking the time to listen.

Quote of the month

“In awe, I watched the waxing moon ride across the zenith of the heavens like an ambered chariot towards the ebony void of infinite space wherein the tethered belts of Jupiter and Mars hang, for ever festooned in their orbital majesty. And as I looked at all this I thought … I must put a roof on this toilet.” Les Dawson


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