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Pisces 2016

“Let go” is the advice many astrologers have given lately during this eclipse season. We are between two eclipses as I write, and the reason for this advice is that during the total Solar eclipse on March 9th, there were several planets in our sign of the month, Pisces.

March 9 2016 solar eclipse

Part of the horoscope for March 9th 2016 – Total Solar Eclipse

That’s a lot of Pisces energy! There has been a lot of chaos in the world – more refugees drowning or in terrible circumstances  – and much loss. And many Pisces tears. Our last sign of the zodiac is indeed about ending a cycle and saying goodbye, as well as letting go of anything that we don’t need. Going inwards to get ready for a burst of Aries spring. These cycles occur every year of course, however it is unusual to have so many planets in one sign. It feels heavier than usual to me. But Spring is around the corner and life goes on for those of us left.


Early Spring – the sun rises over the houses behind mine, lighting up my table.

For many years I have used a method that considers the order of the signs of the zodiac as phases in a longer cycle of 72 years. I have written about it before and focussed on the Pisces phase way back in 2007 (where does time go?) And I mentioned this same phase in passing when discussing the Scottish referendum. Then, I applied it to company and country phases, although in 2007 I also described how this phase relates to people. It occurs during ages 66-72, and there is a critical point at age 69.

Being 69

So I couldn’t help but notice that apart from many pop-stars leaving us, two famous people of this age recently died. Both David Bowie (on January 10th) and Alan Rickman (on January 14th) were aged 69. Unsurprisingly, since Pisces is the sign of music, theatre and acting, they both had horoscopes containing a lot of Pisces energy. Alan was a Pisces with the Sun and two other planets in that sign. David, although he had no planets in Pisces, had 3 planets in the 12th house region of his chart, making him a very Piscean Capricorn. They were both at this turning point of the last cycle before a ‘rebirth’, and although I have no idea how they felt about their lives, I wondered if they had somehow fulfilled their missions this time around. They both had successful careers that they appeared to love, which I find really important. When we do something for many hours a day, we really should make sure it’s something we love!

Between 66 and 72

I have contact with many people in this age group. Often they are retiring from jobs they haven’t really enjoyed for some time. These days retirement age is not old, so many are looking to do something new and exciting. 66 is the new thirty or something!


whatever age- new 30

My clients are asking what they should do now they have grown up! People in this age group have life experience and a lot more to give to this world, particularly, I think, if they haven’t fulfilled some of their dreams. Today we live longer, healthier lives. So we need to consider what we will do at ‘retirement’ age. With pensions to help, it is a chance to ‘go for it’.

However, I encourage people to ‘gestate’ in this phase. What is needed is a going inwards to consider your life and give it some meaning. To give things a place. It should be a mulling over phase – a time to let go of old wounds and losses and be grateful for lessons learned. It has a spiritual flavour.

David Bowie would have been totally at home in this phase, I imagine. Such a creative individual, he made the most of what turned out to be his final phase. It can be a wonderfully intuitive, creative time – a time that symbolises being in the womb. Getting ready for birth. But not yet. Birth must be at the right time and first you need a dream for the next cycle. This seems to be the most important thing. To imagine what your life could be in the next phase. Perhaps being in the womb is like that.

womb joke

On many sites – I can’t find the original to give credit

Revisiting the womb

What is interesting in this phase is that early life experiences seem to come up again as if to be healed. Perhaps in dreams or just in passing thoughts. Working with clients of this age, it is fascinating to see how clearly patterns that began pre-birth have affected their whole lives. I wonder what Bowie experienced in the womb while he was waiting for his father to get divorced so he could marry his mother, which happened about 8 months after his birth.

life cycle

Michael Bergt – Human Life Cycle

Alan Rickman had loss in his life, losing his father also to cancer when he was only 8. Despite the dark roles he played in many films, he seems to have been a very romantic Piscean soul. He met his life partner Rima Horton when he was only 19, and finally married her in 2012 after living together all that time!

May all the creative people we have lost lately rest in peace and enjoy those other Piscean realms. And if you are in this phase – be sure to have a dream.

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting website

A wonderful if somewhat frantic gif of David Bowie by Helen Green.

Quotes of the Month

With a definite Pisces feel…


Alan Rickman Photograph: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images from the Guardian

“I want to swim in both directions at once. Desire success, court failure.” Alan Rickman

“A film, a piece of theater, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.” Alan Rickman



black star

David Bowie with his last album Blackstar – Photo from Wikipedia commons

“There, in the chords and melodies, is everything I want to say. The words just jolly it along. It’s always been my way of expressing what for me is inexpressible by any other means.” David Bowie

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