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Leo 2012

I don’t know about you, but I am just coming out of Olympics overload. It was a wonderfully organised and very successful event, truly fitting for the time of year. Nearly every Leo word could have been used. Hero, pride, courage, enthusiasm, warmth, generosity and of course also, if the BBC is anything to go by, putting your own interests in the spotlight! Usain Bolt, one of the true heroes of the Games typifies our sign of the month. He is indeed a Leo. And I love this symbol of the games below. A country truly in tune with the time of year.

Leo pride

Pride the Lion!

I thought that the games were always held in the Leo time of the year, which would make sense, but they aren’t. It would be interesting to investigate if that has any bearing on their success, but that is another story. And to see how the energy differs with the Paralympics which take place this year in the Virgo time-spot. Again another subject worthy of investigation.

The Lion’s roar

But I want to talk about something else – the Leo-ness of the crowd. What a wonderfully warm, encouraging, happy, generous crowd it was. Even in the rain, the enthusiasm couldn’t be dampened. And they roared for everyone, although it has to be said that there were more supporters for the home team, which is logical of course.

What we can learn from this, is that good Leo energy can work miracles. Many of the athletes said they were lifted by the crowd – or the crowd brought them home. It was the wall of sound which, of course, has a physical and emotional effect, but studies have long shown that having a home crowd rooting for a team makes a difference to results. The energy of support and encouragement is vital for performance enhancement.

So a few questions for you this month:

Who do you have shouting encouragement for you? Can you take it in or does it feel like pressure? Time to identify your cheerleaders and get them lined up. And who are you shouting for? Giving your kids and workmates a ‘well done’ or a ‘we’re behind you all the way’ or shouting from the sidelines at any performance (and this can be presentations, writings, etc. as well as sport) is better than any drug to attain good performance. Many people have and give support, but it is assumed – not seen and not heard. Leo type support needs to be visible, showy, generous and yes, perhaps even loud.

Faye Blake-Cossar

Update Uranus-Pluto meeting

Well, we are still in the grip of the main planetary theme for the coming years. I have commented on it several times including in my last post, where I mentioned the contact between Pluto – heavy duty power that we want to hold on to – and Uranus – all change please, we want to be free individuals with rights – which was exact on June 24th. The next exact contact is coming up on September 19th. There is a connection between these two dates. A pattern is being repeated and it is an opportunity to turn an issue, which might have been working out badly for you, into something positive. If the time around June 24th was difficult for you or your company, then the days around September 19th will bring the pattern to light again so you can thoroughly examine what it might be about for you. Do you need to let go of some power? Or take some more? Do you need to change a habit of a lifetime? This is a time to be brave. Don’t copy the banks and the Euro saving attempts. It is no use trying to carry on as if nothing has changed – it has. If it needs a radical rethink – do it NOW.

Website of the Month

The short article gives interesting information on how the roar of the crowd works. ‘Lesson for Rio‘ is by Kate Kelland.

Quote of the month

From someone (although he isn’t a Leo) who has definitely been in the spotlight lately – the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. When his hair was compared to the new London 2012 Olympic logo in June 2007, he said: “My hair has yet to induce epilepsy and cost considerably less than 400,000 pounds to design.”

Boris with his hair apparently just cut for the Games!


2012 London logo

The four official colours of the London 2012 Olympics logo – Wikipedia.

The unpopular logo had indeed been reported to cause epileptic seizures!

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