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Gemini 2016

Yes? Or no?

That is the decision that needs to be made in the UK by everyone who can (and wants to) vote on June 23rd this year. The Brexit camp want to leave the European Union, while the Bremain camp want to stay in. I love these new words. One word Рyes or no, can mean a lot, as this decision will affect the UK, Europe, and possibly the rest of the world, for many years to come.

Grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat – perhaps as good a way as any to make a decision!

Astrologers, as so many others, can’t resist trying to predict the outcome, and as usual there are advocates for both sides.¬†As you will know if you read my blog, I am not a fan of doing prediction as I think that the future is not a done deal. I think we have some wiggle room. What Britain’s populace decides now will¬†make a difference to the future. There is a choice.

I am interested in the referendum because I once lived in the UK and I watch the BBC rather than Dutch TV, which I generally can’t stand –¬†not only because of the commercials! I love living in Amsterdam though, and I read Dutch newspapers. So the referendum is difficult to avoid, because, of course, Holland has a vested interest too. But I’m glad I don’t get a vote, as I really wouldn’t know what to do.¬†However I really love this kind of event, as I remain fascinated by¬†how the world works, and astrology gives a framework to research¬†this.

Words and more words

It’s Gemini time, the time of a lot of words flying about. The media is filled with opinions¬†as to why you should vote yes and why no. More and more information for the responsible voter to¬†attempt¬†to digest. Gemini has ‘trickster’ energy – very apparent in the dubious ‘facts’ being thrown around. And changes of minds. Interesting that the ex-mayor of London,¬†Boris Johnson, who is heading the Brexit campaign, is a Gemini (as is Donald Trump!) Boris has been accused of disguising the truth, although he is not the only one. There are no party lines here, Brexiters and Bremainers come from all sides of the political spectrum. So it’s all very confusing.

bla bla

I can’t find the original of this to give credit to the artist.

Can we make any sense of it?

As astrologers, we have a lot of tools at our disposal to investigate this decision, which adds to the confusion. We can look at the start time of the vote, or the end time. We can look at what is happening to the UK chart, and there are a number of these, depending on which historical event takes your fancy. We can look at a chart for the EU Рchoose your favourite. Or look at the charts of Boris Johnson or David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister. We can look at planetary cycles too. It all fits with the sense of confusion many of us are feeling in general at the moment, not just about this referendum. I like to keep it simple, so I want to comment using a particular technique applied to the UK chart. I am using the date that many astrologers use Рthe formation of the UK on January 1st 1801, which was the date the Act of Union of Great Britain with Ireland took effect. Ireland was seen as a strategic threat if it was independent. An interesting theme today? I will also take a look at the mood of the people on voting day.

A critical time

I use a 72-year cycle to look at the world. This idea, based on the work of Bruno Huber, is something I have used and studied for many years. The idea that history repeats itself is inherent in astrology in terms of symbolism, not in a literal sense. Using this method, the world is at a very crucial point, because we are repeating a point in the cycle that was world-changing. 1945, the end of the second world war, aligns with 2017. So we are currently repeating 1944. A devastating time, particularly for Europe.

A positive way in which these years have been revisited recently, was Obama’s visit to Japan this year. He said: “Seventy-one years ago, on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed.” His visit, the first by a US President since the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, was welcomed by many. His message is relevant for Europe. He said: “And perhaps above all, we must re-imagine our connection to one another as members of one human race. For this, too, is what makes our species unique. We‚Äôre not bound by genetic code to repeat the mistakes of the past. We can learn. We can choose.”

Obama hugs a survivor from Hiroshima – Getty Images

United Europe

The late 1940s was the time that Winston Churchill¬†suggested¬†a ‘United States of Europe’, and after the second world war,¬†in one of his famous speeches, he advocated ‘a family of Europe’ so that there would be peace. He is recognised by the EU as being one of its founding fathers.¬†Interestingly, Boris Johnson has written a book on Churchill, calling him a hero. Boris has been quoted as saying¬†“we will always be a part of Europe” and “my ideal world is, we’re there, we’re in the EU, trying to make it better.” But he is now heading the leave vote. (See links below for full interview.) ¬†The 72-year cycle starts anew, so¬†perhaps Europe¬†needs either to die by 2017, or it needs a radical makeover or rebirth.

Back to the UK

The UK is even more fascinating in terms of this method, as it fits into this cycle in a very interesting way. Not only are we all globally repeating 1944, but the UK starts her own personal new cycle in 2017. So this really is a new start or rebirth for the UK.

Uk astrology

History repeating? 

The ‘rebirth’ dates of the cycles for the UK are 1873, 1945 and 2017. These years revisit the 1801 purpose. The Act of Union was an attempt to make peace after the independence of Ireland was seen as a threat. The sign at the start of each cycle is relevant ¬†– Libra – the sign of partnership and peace. Negotiation and deals. Balance and harmony.

1801: Act of Union with Ireland and start of the UK.

1873: This was an important year for Europe too. The ‘Panic of 1873’ was the start of the ‘Long Depression’ in Europe which began¬†when the Vienna Stock market crashed. The UK suffered in terms of trade also because of the building of the Suez canal, which led to fewer warehousing opportunities, as the UK became increasingly unimportant as a stopping point in Europe. A warning here?

In terms of democracy, which is much of what this referendum is really about, 1873 is also noteworthy. This was the year that the first steps were taken to modernise the courts in England (not Scotland or Ireland), by denying the House of Lords its judicial function as the final court of appeal. Libra fairness.

1945: I have mentioned 1945 and clearly that was a new start and an attempt at peace, especially for Europe. It was also the year that Winston Churchill was voted out of office and when the Scottish National Party obtained their first seat in parliament.

Half way round

The half way points in this 72-year cycle are important and the UK cycle is no exception. This main cycle  points are as follows:

1837: Queen Victoria ascended to the throne and the Nanking Treaty was made with China to halt the drug wars.

1909: The UK passed the South Africa Act – an attempt to solve problems after the Boer wars, giving more independence to South Africa.

1981: England suffered serious riots in many cities, notably Brixton in London. The themes were ethnic minority issues, racial tensions¬†and major dissatisfaction with the Thatcher government. An article written in 2011 states: “Even by the standards of the day, 1981 was a year of extraordinary political and cultural tumult. It was a hinge moment in our modern history, marking the death of the old consensus and the beginning of a new age of consumerism, individualism and technological change.”

Main themes

So there are a few themes here including new starts after difficult times, and attempts to move away from non-democratic authority. Financial issues were important as always. In¬†fact the EU was initially¬†formed as a trade agreement. No wonder then, that arguments now have largely been focused on money, mostly trying to scare people on this score. But I think this has been a mistake. Not only does no-one really understand the figures (well I certainly don’t!)¬†but it is very difficult for anyone to predict what will happen financially if Britain leaves.

The main issue that seems to be capturing voters, as I write, is the subject of immigration. Apart from obviously racist and bigoted views, my reading of the people voting to leave on the grounds of immigration is that it is really about people wanting to have some say about their local environment. Jobs, housing, who lives next door – that sort of thing. Democracy at a local level. This is one of the main arguments on a bigger scale too. Britain wants more democracy inside the EU and control of her own local environment. Some of the other reasons for vote choice I have heard are not financial either, such as a lack of faith in Europe, or being able¬†to work in other countries (or opportunities for voter’s children). Freedom of choice. So why aren’t we hearing more solutions for¬†these issues?

Uk Immigration

Cartoon by Bulgarian Christo Komarnitski

What’s that planet?

If you look at the chart above, you can see that I have left out all planets in the UK chart with one exception. The one just above the line representing start dates (the Ascendant) is Uranus, whose history in the UK cycles is even more telling for this referendum. You can see (I hope) that the cycle triggers Uranus just before each new start. I wrote earlier about this cycle when I discussed the Scottish referendum.

Uk astrology

The dates when Uranus was triggered are at the end of 1871, 1943, and 2015. Uranus can be a disruptive rebellious force, but the drive is for straight-talk, change and independence. This energy is very present before each new start.

1943: ¬†The Tehran conference when the¬†‚ÄėBig Three‚Äô – Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt – met for the first time. This meeting is thought to have determined the direction for the rest of the war in Europe and Churchill played an important role here. Maybe Cameron has that role too – to initiate¬†a change in Europe. Will he, like Churchill in 1945, be out in 2017?

1871: In a way this was a wake-up (Uranus) call for Britain. This was the year of the Unification of Germany, which upset the balance of power in Europe and is commonly thought to have set the scene for the first world war. Britain, who had been a force to be reckoned with in the world, now had competition!

2015:¬†After David Cameron’s negotiation to try to get a better deal for the UK in the EU, the referendum date was announced in early 2016. He tried in a very Uranian way to negotiate. He wanted a different and special (Uranus) role for the UK. He stuck to his guns and insisted he was right (Uranus). Scotland had also had a referendum the year before on¬†being independent (Uranus) – there are still rumblings on this especially if Brexit happens, since Scotland is very pro EU.

Uk brexit

Cartoon by Peter Schrank

Now: As I write, the very sad news of the murder of the Labour politician Jo Cox has emerged. Jo was a very special MP who was a strong advocate for the remain campaign. She worked tirelessly for better conditions for refugees and for women’s rights. A strongly positive Uranian figure. I hope her shocking (Uranus) death may serve as a wake-up call for more honest and respectful campaigning, and to highlight how politics can work for the general public. Jo was a much loved politician, heavily involved in her local community.

Jo Cox

Tributes to Jo Cox. My heart goes out to her husband and 2 young children. (Photo BBC)

The Uranus half cycle is also important as as trigger point for Uranus themes. These years, very relevant for this referendum, are 1835, 1907 and 1979.

1835: Parliament passed the Municipal Corporations Act that affected England and Wales. It meant that there would be a uniform system for municipal boroughs, to be governed by town councils elected by ratepayers. This was to create more democracy at local level.

1907: Apart from Britain signing the Triple Entente, an agreement between Russia, France, England and Ireland to counteract the power of the Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy alliance, 1907 saw women storming parliament in London in the¬†“Mud March”, the first large procession organised by the National Union of Women‚Äôs Suffrage Societies. Again, a sign of disruption that would lead to more democracy and independence for women. There are shades here today of criticism that Germany is too powerful. And women are still at it!

1979: The first female Prime Minister in the UK – change in itself. Whether you love her or hate her, (and it seems there is no neutral ground on this!) Margaret Thatcher was trying to get a Uranian message across – ¬†“People can do a lot if only the state will let them.” She was an advocate of free markets and¬†there are definitely echoes of this¬†topic¬†now.

Another referendum took place in 1979 too Рthe Scottish Devolution referendum. Legislation had already been passed, so the referendum was to determine yes or no Рshould the devolution act be put into effect. The answer was yes. Another sign of devolving power back to local levels.

The Red Thread

Putting all this together there is a Uranus theme very present in the UK, with Scotland playing a role. There are two ways to use this. The question is, has the UK learned from history? Clearly it is time for good Uranus things: honesty, freedom, independence. A time where everyone can develop their own unique gifts. This is at the personal level – owning your own home, having a say locally and having certain freedoms. At country level, each country wants that too, and Britain may well be leading the way.

Cameron, being a Libra, wants to solve this by negotiating with partners inside a group. He represents the image or Ascendant of the UK – wanting to come across as a decent, fair ‘partner’ country. ¬†Johnson, as a Gemini, wants to go his own way, be more fluid and get new deals. Boris is Uranus¬†¬†– the disrupter – his role is to affect change by waking up the masses. Countries within the EU are not being respected for their unique gifts – I wrote an open¬†‘letter to the EU’ on this subject. And people at grass roots level feel they are not being respected in terms of honesty and equality. So can we respect others and still be unique and¬†also work together? Are we ready for this in Europe? Is it possible to merge the best of Dave and Boris? (On second thoughts that’s a bit worrying!)

Boris Johnson and David Cameron – photo Yui Mok/PA Telegraph

So what happens on voting day?

There is a lot happening in the UK chart and some interesting planetary action on voting day, and other astrologers have written extensively and very well on this ¬†– some links are below. So I will comment on just one placement. The Moon¬†shows the mood of the people – ¬†so what is she up to on voting day? The Moon in the UK founding chart is in Cancer. As an aside, linking in with this placement, Jo Cox was a Cancer, as was Princess Diana. Jo’s death, just before her 42nd birthday, will have a huge impact on the mood in the UK. The Cancer Moon doesn’t change. The people are always patriotic and history is important. They want to be part of a team. But is that team UK or team Europe?

On voting day the Sun is in Cancer, so there is a Cancerian vibe. However the Moon Рthe public Р is in Aquarius. A very different feeling. Aquarius wants to think and not feel. It is more objective. But it is a very fixed sign. If you have decided on a side, it is unlikely you can be persuaded to change. Aquarius wants truth and freedom. Fairness and equality. A grown up Aquarius will make an informed decision and be aware of the consequences, which I agree is difficult in the circumstances. But an adolescent Aquarius can just be rebellious for the sake of it.

Leave to Remain

A good outcome might be to shake things up. Sometimes leaving a bad relationship allows openings for honesty and getting back together in a better way. Clearly the old EU rules aren’t¬†working. Uranus gives an opportunity for a whole new way of working together and Britain could have an important role here. As I mentioned in my Dear EU post – the UK and Germany have leadership roles. I think the¬†overriding lesson here is: How can EU countries¬†develop, bring their talents¬†to Europe, be authentic, independent and innovative¬†and still cooperate?

Whatever happens on June 23rd, it is a major turning point for the UK heading into a new cycle in 2017. So UK –¬†which is it to be? A petulant teenager or a grown up innovator vote?

Faye Blake-Cossar

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This month’s quotes


George Bernard Shaw – Photo conscious panda.

“Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.‚ÄĚ
George Bernard Shaw

“If history repeats itself and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must man be of learning from experience?”

George Bernard Shaw

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